Making your lease work for you

Choosing Miller Harris Lawyers means you will be working with a leasing lawyer that understands the Cairns and North Queensland leasing market.   Our lawyers have provided legal services to both tenants and landlords on a range of leasing matters for over 25 years.  We can draft lease documentation, negotiate lease terms, enforce obligations of a lease and negotiate disputes between landlord and tenant.  Seeking advice from one of our experienced leasing lawyers before you enter into a lease or let a property will ensure your rights and obligations are documented, clearly understood and protected.

We recognise that, just as every business is unique, there is no standard commercial or retail lease. For landlords, we draft leases that are clear and binding and will protect your infrastructure investment. For tenants, we ensure that you have the security of tenure without overextending your obligations.

Our lawyers can assist you with a variety of specific leasing matters.

We offer legal advice and services for:

Retail, commercial and industrial leasing

A good lease depends on the detail and Miller Harris Lawyers will ensure every detail is appropriate for you, including transfers, duration, exit and renewal options, subleasing, rent review negotiations and assignment of leases.

Shopping centre leasing strategies and control

Retail leasing strategies today vary from property-type to property-type and from location to location.  They are however, underpinned by local market awareness.  Miller Harris Lawyers understand this and work to capitalise the best lease agreement for you.

Agriculture leasing and share farming

Many agribusinesses can benefit from receiving income from share farm agreements. Everything about these agreements are negotiable so we will work carefully to build an agreement that delivers maximum benefit for you from season to season.

Meet the experts in

Melissa Nielsen


Melissa has extensive experience in all facets of business, commercial and property law with her clientele base ranging from larger publicly-listed corporations through to privately-owned companies and self-employed clients.

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Nigel Hales


Nigel is the only Queensland Law Society accredited property law specialist in Cairns.

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Sean Walsh


Sean is an experienced business and commercial lawyer, having practised exclusively in these areas for more than 20 years.

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