Our Core Values

Our values building your success

Miller Harris Lawyers’ strong corporate values ensure that our clients have the peace of mind of knowing that they will receive consistently high levels of client service every day. Our values guide the way we interact with you and underpin the strong relationships we build with clients. Our core values include:

  • Client focus – We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations at every opportunity.
  • Professionalism and ethics – We set high professional and ethical standards and hold each other to account in ensuring these standards are met.
  • Quality – We will produce good quality work.
  • Building strong relationships – We cultivate strong relationships with our clients and within our team. Relationships built on the principles of mutual trust and respect.
  • Clear communication – Our communication is open, honest, objective and unbiased. We provide clear communication without jargon to ensure you are provided with advice which is actionable and directly addresses the issues at hand.
  • Innovation and problem solving – We do not accept that the status quo is the best way. We continually challenge the way we work and look for innovative improvements and solutions to issues and problems.
  • Technical expertise – We ensure we maintain high standards of technical expertise in the areas in which we practice so that we are at the forefront of the issues our clients face.
  • Continual learning – We continually seek to better ourselves both professionally and personally by actively seeking out and embracing opportunities for learning and development.
  • Flexibility and adaptability – We are flexible and adaptable in the way we work to ensure we retain the best people and provide the advice our clients need, as and when they need it.
  • Accountability – We accept responsibility and deliver on our commitments to our clients.