Bianca Stafford

Getting a broad range of experience and working for a firm with a strong reputation, were key factors which attracted Bianca Stafford to Miller Harris Lawyers.

Bianca joined Miller Harris Lawyers in August 2013 after completing a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Commerce at James Cook University in Cairns.  “Like a lot of graduates, when I completed my studies, I didn’t have a clear view on the area of law I wanted to practice in.  That’s why Miller Harris Lawyers’ rotational graduate program appealed to me.  I was able to gain valuable work experience in the various practice areas of the firm whilst undertaking a supervised legal traineeship.  The firm is supportive of both the supervised traineeship and the practical legal training pathways to admission, which meant I could choose the path I felt worked best for me.  It was the broad range of experience gained during that first year which helped shape my views on the future direction I wanted my career to take.”

Joining a firm with a strong reputation was also an important consideration for Bianca.  “To me, joining a firm that has corporate values consistent with my own personal values, was as critical a consideration when choosing an employer as the type of work I’d be doing or the training and development programs in place.  I set high personal standards for myself in terms of the quality of work I deliver and the professionalism and ethics I demonstrate when working with both clients and the other members of our team.  Knowing the firm I work for shares those values means I have the confidence and support to do my job to the best of my abilities.”

Following admission, Bianca has chosen to focus predominantly on wills and estates law and now practices almost exclusively in those areas.  “I love the interaction I get with clients in my role and enjoy the opportunity to help people through what can often be a difficult and sensitive time.  Having a detailed understanding of those areas of law is obviously important but it is equally critical to have an empathy with and be able to communicate and develop enduring relationships with clients in order to be successful.”

Bianca is excited about her future with Miller Harris Lawyers.  “I feel the firm has given me a great foundation for my future legal career.  I’m now looking forward to continuing to develop my own client base and expertise and making the most of the future career opportunities available here.”