Rochelle Ryan

Rochelle joined our firm as a graduate law clerk after moving to Cairns from Tasmania.  Rochelle started her career at Miller Harris Lawyers, completing her supervised traineeship to qualify for admission to practice.  After completing her traineeship and having had the opportunity to work in all of the firms practice areas, Rochelle was able to decide which area of law she liked best.  Rochelle now practises exclusively in family law.

“Completing the supervised traineeship was the perfect opportunity for me to gain hands-on experience in all areas of law, under the supervision of experienced practitioners.  Without this hands-on experience I would have found it very difficult to decide which area of practice in which to begin my career”.

Rochelle is extremely passionate about our beautiful city and region.  She loves being involved in our local community and has strived to create the perfect work/life balance.  When Rochelle is not in the office, she is out adventuring and exploring.  One of her greatest passions is hiking.  Some of Rochelle’s favourite spots are Lamb’s Head, Devil’s Thumb, Glacier Rock and the Arrows.  When Rochelle is not climbing mountains she loves playing sport, mountain bike riding and is heavily involved in our local AFL Cairns and plays social touch football.

“Working in a regional area and specifically at Miller Harris Lawyers has enabled me to continue to advance my career whilst maintaining my passion for adventure and a healthy work/life balance that I don’t feel I would have been able to maintain working elsewhere.”