16 August 2016

Celebrating equity and diversity

This month’s Proctor magazine has analysed trends for women entering into and staying in the legal profession.  Some of the figures are staggering, particularly the finding that whilst more females are entering the profession (about 65% to 35% males) by their 40th birthday around 85% of females have left the profession.  The cumulative effect is that lawyers in the later stages of their career (20 years or more) are predominantly male and that Queensland’s pinnacle practitioners are overwhelmingly male.

This is at least partly, the article opines, due to women leaving the profession to have children and run family households.  The article recognises attempts at improving these trends, particularly firms actively seeking to retain female staff on a longer term basis by allowing flexible working arrangements.  Miller Harris Lawyer has this year been recognised for its flexible work options and encouragement for staff to return to part-time work following childbirth.  We were the recipient of the Queensland Law Society Equity and Diversity Award for small legal practices 2016.

The Equity and Diversity Awards recognise firms that embrace the changing nature of the profession and promote positive firm cultures that celebrate staff diversity and accommodate lifestyle needs.

We refer you to an article that was published in the August 2016 Proctor legal magazine.


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