23 August 2018

Parenting disputes and agreements

Parents know their children best. However, upon separation it can be difficult for parents to agree on appropriate parenting arrangements for their children. The effect of separation on children cannot be underestimated. Our Cairns family law team have assisted countless families to amicably resolve the parenting arrangements for children, upon the breakdown of the family unit.

Our team of experienced family lawyers can provide parents (and grandparents) with advice in respect to issues concerning their children or grandchildren. We employ a range of techniques to achieve a successful outcome for the families involved, including negotiation, mediation and collaborative practise. If it is necessary to take a matter concerning children to court, we have significant experience and a high level of skill at litigating children’s issues in the Family Law Courts. You can be assured your children’s best interests and your future plans and goals for your children will be front and centre of our approach.

The Family Law Act prescribes that the best interests of children are the paramount consideration in the making of parenting orders. The Courts apply this test to the individual family and the particular children involved when determining what orders should be made as to where the child lives, what time they spend with each parent (and significant others) and other parenting issues such as travel. The factors a court takes into account in considering what is in a child’s best interests are set out in section 60CC of the Family Law Act 1975.

Set out below are some of paths available to resolve parenting disputes regarding arrangements for children following separation.

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