Making your lease work for you

Leasing Property in Cairns

Choosing Miller Harris Lawyers means you will be working with a leasing lawyer who understands the Cairns and North Queensland leasing market. Our lawyers have provided legal services to tenants and landlords on a range of leasing matters for over 25 years. Seeking advice from one of our experienced leasing lawyers before you enter into a lease or let a property will ensure your rights and obligations are documented, clearly understood and protected.

We recognise that, just as every business is unique, there is no one size fits all commercial or retail lease. For landlords, we draft leases that are clear and binding and will protect your property investment. The loss of a tenant, or a poorly drafted lease can impact on the value of the property through lost or reduced financial returns. Ensuring that you have a high quality lease in place makes a lot of sense.

For tenants, we ensure that you have the security of tenure without overextending your obligations. Poorly prepared leases, or the absence of a legally binding lease can result in substantial losses for tenants. It may be that unexpected expenses are incurred which should properly have been the responsibility of the landlord, or the absence of a binding lease can mean that you have to vacate and find new premises, which might not be available in a suitable location, or might be more expensive. A properly prepared lease will protect a tenant from these risks.

Regardless of the nature of the property, a good lease depends on the detail. Our Cairns Leasing Lawyers will delve into the detail to make sure that your business or property is secure, and that there are no nasty surprises.

Our Cairns Leasing Lawyers have experience with commercial and industrial leases, retail shop leases, farming and private leases, our services include:

  • drafting new lease agreements;
  • negotiating lease terms;
  • subleases, assignments and variations;
  • assisting to resolve lease disputes between landlord and tenant;
  • enforcing obligations under the lease and addressing breaches of lease agreements; and
  • issuing and responding to notices to remedy a breach of the lease.

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We offer legal advice and services for:

Retail, commercial and industrial leasing

A good lease depends on the detail and Miller Harris Lawyers will ensure every detail is appropriate for you, including transfers, duration, exit and renewal options, subleasing, rent review negotiations and assignment of leases.

Shopping centre leasing strategies and control

Retail leasing strategies today vary from property-type to property-type and from location to location.  They are however, underpinned by local market awareness.  Miller Harris Lawyers understand this and work to capitalise the best lease agreement for you.

Agriculture leasing and share farming

Many agribusinesses can benefit from receiving income from share farm agreements. Everything about these agreements are negotiable so we will work carefully to build an agreement that delivers maximum benefit for you from season to season.

Meet the experts in

Nigel Hales


Nigel is the only Queensland Law Society accredited property law specialist in Cairns.

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Sean Walsh


Sean is an experienced business and commercial lawyer, having practised exclusively in these areas for almost 30 years.

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Rachelle Parker

Senior Associate

Rachelle is one of our commercial lawyers based in our Mareeba office.  She primarily practices in the area of commercial and property law.

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Lauren Doktor

Senior Associate

Lauren is a commercial and property lawyer with a broad range of experience in business, commercial and property law.

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Ashley Jan


Ashley works in the firm’s litigation and dispute resolution division, where his passion for problem solving and helping others, drives his determination to achieve the best outcomes for clients.

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