Family Law

Restraining Orders

Domestic violence

Victims of domestic violence can apply for a domestic violence protection order which will place restrictions on the behaviour of the individual named in the order. A child can be named as a person to which the restrictions apply on the protection order.

Child protection orders

A child protection order is different to a domestic violence protection order. A child protection order is made by the Children’s Court of Queensland in circumstances where a child needs protection. An application for an order is made by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.
If you receive an application for a child protection order, or an order is made in your absence and you disagree with the order being made, you should contact one of our Cairns family lawyers for urgent advice.

Consent orders and parenting plans

Another way of restraining the behaviour of one or both parents, is to include it in a parenting plan or consent orders, or apply to the court for orders restraining behaviour. For example, one restraint we commonly include is that neither parent denigrate the other parent in the presence of the child, or that neither parent discuss court proceedings with the child.

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